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Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company

"I started in the furniture industry 27 years ago (November 1989).

During my training I came to realize if you wished to succeed in the credit world of furniture it was essential to have a subscription to Lyon. Over the years Lyon has adapted and modified their reports to what the credit professionals of the furniture industry require. You will find no other credit report tailored for the need of its industry like that of a Lyon Pride report. You will find more extensive, costly reports however in today's market place where cost as well as quality is the most important requirement, Lyon cannot be matched.

I have used Lyon Pride reports as my primary source of credit information for years. I can say without a doubt they have directly attributed maintaining an acceptable percentage of bad debt write offs year after year as well as DSO that meet management and financial requirements. And it's not just one furniture supplier I have had the privilege to work for. I worked for a major furniture manufacturer for over 16+ years. During that time I was able to learn from one of the best credit professionals in the industry. He showed me why Lyon is the best. From there I have moved on to two other well-known furniture manufacturers. Lyon has been a staple at each company. At one of the companies I was locked into a long term contract with another reporting agency. Once that contract ended I was able to increase my subscription with Lyon to meet my yearly needs at substantial cost savings.

Not only am I happy with the product, but the customer service and sales is second to none. In all the years I have used Lyon I cannot recall one bad experience with their sales or customer service departments. All needs and inquiries are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. I have had a great relationship with Terri Bender for well over 20 years. She is one of the most professional, personable people I have ever known. Her knowledge and experience in this industry are unmatched by anyone.

Lyon is the only credit report you will ever need."

Curtis Porter

Dalyn Rug Company

"Lyon Credit Services has competitive products with competitive pricing. But in a time of big business, where it seems outsourcing and bottom line numbers are only priority, what makes this company shine and distinguish themselves from others is their approach to sales and account management, specifically, my sales and account manager, Terri Bender.

Terri faithfully pursued my business for years, but after becoming a customer, she continued to call, email, and sometimes visit. She is always accessible and acts as Dalyn Rug Company is an important client. She has passion for the company and knowledge and understanding of its products. If I ask something she doesn't know, she directs me to the person who does. In addition to her charisma, charm, and kindness, she has a gift. She seems to instinctively know if, when, and how much of her company and its products she should present each time she contacts me. My only regret with Lyon Credit Services is that I did not make them my number one provider years earlier when Terri Bender first offered me the opportunity to do so."

Beth Davis

La-Z-Boy Incorporated

"I have faithfully used Lyon for credit reports for over 25 years. The information is consistently accurate, and provides excellent payment statistics for each of our new and existing accounts in the La-Z-Boy dealer base. I would highly recommend their services to any of Lyon's prospective customers."

Dave Carpenter

Wells Fargo Capital Finance

"Lyon Credit Services has been a trusted partner for many years now. Their large data base covers many accounts in the furniture industry with information regarding background and trade references that is just not available with other services. Their hosting of credit exchange groups is flawless and covers several industries where we are exposed."

Mike Williams

Unifi Manufacturing Inc

"I continually find Lyon Credit Services to be an important and extremely valuable business tool. In addition to credit reports, announcements and alerts, Lyon Credit Services provides timely responses, pertinent information and an excellent forum for an exchange of knowledge regarding key business issues in our industry. Their professional services are tailored to individual business needs with a friendly and personal touch which I appreciate and find highly beneficial in meeting today's credit challenges."

Lane Willard

Theodore Alexander

"I have been a partner with Lyon for over 20 years and I mean partner! Before making any adjustments to their reports or web pages they communicate with their clients to make sure it will work for them and it makes business sense! Their reports are easy to read and can be bought in sections which allows you to purchase a portion and not a whole report. It is a large company in the sense of the data but they are a small company in that you can speak to people if you have questions either on reports or their collection service.

Doug Jermyn

A&B Home

"I have been very pleased with my first year utilizing Lyon Credit Services. I use the service on a daily basis looking up potential customers and pulling reports. It has been easy and fast making credit decisions using Lyon Credit Services. Their reports are extremely helpful in making timely decisions. We also like the Daily Supplement report to try and find new untapped customers and the Collection report to give us a heads up on customers that demand letters are being sent indicating possible trouble ahead."

Brian Herring

Parkdale Mills

"Lyon offers Parkdale Mills a valuable industry specific source of information!We find their information and trade data to be an integral part of our credit investigation! Information is easily accessible through their website. We appreciate the customer friendly attitude of their staff! Always a pleasure to deal with! We value Lyon more than any other service available to us!"

Sandy Boyd

Padmas Plantation

"Our Company has been with Lyon Credit Services for more than 12 years. The Experience has been the most professional relationship we have. Over the 12 years there have been no less than 3 other factoring companies that have approached us for our business and many of these are either no longer around or they have re-organized. If you are looking for a Factoring company that will grow and work with your ever changing business needs, I do not believe there is another option out there. Lyon Credit Services is simply the best."

Kevin Sypolt


"I have used Lyon since as far back as the 1970's when they were predominately serving the furniture industry, though now they offer a much broader scope of operation. I have always known them to be professional, knowledgeable and very customer service driven. We also use them as an outside secretary for the International Textile Credit Clearing House Group to moderate and oversee our meetings every other month, repeatedly renewing our contract with them. Our company also has a subscription of services for monitoring our customer database. The Lyon Pride Report and international reports offer American & Efird as good or better information than any of their competition. I have no problem recommending them to anyone."

L. Richard Heavener, CCE, CEW

Legacy Classic Furniture / Legacy Kids

"The Juvenile Products Credit Group is a valuable tool which helps us grow our business in this tough business market. The daily exchange of information shared is easy to access and use, giving me access to more direct and up-to-date feedback quicker than any other source available. As a member of the group I can trust the information shared and contact members directly if additional input is needed. Lyon Credit Services provides a wealth of support and other information that I use to support my credit decisions on a day-to-day basis."

Glenn Hendren

Bassett Furniture Industries

"I find the credit reports to be thorough and updates are completed within a quick turnaround. When a need arises to contact Lyon, we get personal attention, with somebody at the other end of the phone. If they are busy assisting other clients, their returned call response time is quick! We don't waste our time having to call them back, they are prompt."

Ron Clark

Home Meridian

"I am extremely pleased with the services provided on the Lyon Mercantile website. The website allows me to tailor my reporting needs based on ratings, risks and collections. I receive daily updates on my website which is very important in making credit decisions. The website is very user friendly. I would recommend using it for all credit managers."

Brian Spencer

Uttermost Co.

"I use the Lyon website on a daily basis! The site is very user friendly. We find the Staff to be very helpful. The Lyon reports offer us a great source of detailed credit information on the larger and smaller companies we deal with in both the U.S. and Canada, offering a cost savings!

Marlene Montgomery

The Light Garden

"Lyon Capital has eliminated all of the guess work when determining whether or not to extend terms to our customers. These days, many customers cannot afford the high interest rates that go along with making purchases on business credit cards. We feel that the courtesy of offering the option of Net 30 terms at no cost or inconvenience to the customer sets us apart from competition and enables the forging of positive business relationships. Access to Lyon's user-friendly website allows us the flexibility to make real time decisions based on credit statistics provided instantly once customer information is entered. The peace of mind in knowing that all of our open invoices will be paid is absolutely invaluable."

Chris Elson

Medela, Inc

"My participation in the Juvenile Products Credit Group is an essential part of my workday! The daily e-mail interaction and roundtable discussions are fresh and provide me with a better understanding of my customer. The education offered at the on-site meetings is an invaluable way to keep our edge in this ever-changing industry and stay on top of the latest industry trends for business."

Donna Mansho

K & K Interiors, Inc.

"I am just thrilled with Lyon's Collection Service. The entire staff at Lyon is responsive and provides exactly what we are looking for in a collection agency. I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come."

Mark Exlos

Canadel Furniture

"I have been using Lyon Credit Services for over 20 years. All that time they have maintained the quality and accuracy of information requested for me in order to take educated credit decisions. During all those years they were able to keep up with technology and making that information available at the tip of my fingers in a matter of minutes if not seconds. I can always rely on their services for quick decision making."

Michel Deveault

Dynamic Furniture Corp

"The information I receive from the credit reports and daily updates helps me reduce my bad debt by identifying high risk accounts before it's too late."

Andrew Gough

American West Worldwide Express

"I find the Lyon team to be passionate, concerned and informed leaders in the industry. One would be hard pressed to find a more professional group; always striving for a better job than the day before to meet the needs of their customers. Lyon continually provides thorough and relevant information so that my team and I can make best fit decisions on a daily basis. Without hesitation, Lyon offers the most essential resources of data and support to our organization as we extend lines of credit with additional confidence and persevere successfully in the area of debt recovery."

Michelle Crow

Benetti's Italia, Inc.

"Lyon has been instrumental in helping our business grow. Freeing up money in order to help purchase new products, expand our line and continue growth is how Lyons helps us. We no longer have to sit back and wait for 30 or 60 days to pass in hopes that our client will pay us. With their help our risk is almost nil as Lyon does all the leg work in investigating the credit worthiness of our customer and giving a credit line based accordingly.

Benetti's believes that Lyon is a great company to partner with. Excellent customer relationship building, prompt customer service and accurate reporting is something we can always count on. We look forward to continuing to work with Lyon in the future."

Sarah Ahmadini

Meridian Furniture

"Since starting to work with Lyon, we have been able to do business with many new customers. Lyon has been a great tool for our company's expansion and it's always a pleasure dealing with George and Terri!"

Matt R.

Million Dollar Rustic

"Well I would have to say that it has been a joy to work with such great people in all departments at Lyon. I really enjoy the different reports available to us so we can make sound decisions. The three individuals that I work with most are George, Fred and Ken. Together we are able to work through many different situations and it is great. I don't know what we would without you."

Dale Hautanen

UTP Textiles

"For me, Lyon helps me to focus on what matters most in my business; finding more customers and growing my company. Lyon is my credit and collection department.

This is the best way to invest my time and money."

Enrique Gabayet

Lexington Home Brands

"Lyon Credit Services has played an integral role in my credit departments for nearly 25 years. Our credit managers utilize their pay ratings every day while credit checking orders, and a Pride Report is pulled any time we are opening a new account. Lyons continues to supply antecedent information that matches the credit applications we receive, and this gives our credit managers a sense of comfort that the rest the data is accurate as well."

Ron Teglas

Kith Furniture

"The Lyon Credit Services website is outstanding. It is very easy to use. They have a large data base covers many accounts in the furniture industry with information regarding background and trade references which is very helpful. The reports are very helpful in making timely decision on new accounts. I would highly recommend Lyon Credit Services."

Jamie Dozier

Red Label Home

"I have worked with Lyon Credit for a long time. Being new to the factoring industry I had to get past a learning curve to realize how valuable they are to my business. Some other factoring businesses approached me and I made the mistake to go with one of them. I returned back to Lyon Credit and have remained ever since. Nothing compares to them! I recommend them to all of my friends. Piece of mind! They are so cooperative that you feel at home. You need to try them to know what I mean. Thank you guys. I really appreciate you all from the owner to everyone who works at Lyon Credit."

Levent Yaylali