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Account Management

Lyon Account Management Portal is the smarter way to monitor your customer portfolio.

Let Lyon watch your customers while you watch your business.

Lyon's latest real-time monitoring service is designed just for you. Our new interface offers you the best of all worlds with access to your accounts receivable information cross-referenced with all the valuable information from Lyon vast database as it relates to your customers. The new Lyon Account Management Portal integrates all of the services that you've come to rely on over the years along with new features and the ability to monitor your entire customer credit portfolio electronically.


Main Features

  • Lyon's Portal is updated daily, providing you with real time credit information on your customers. In classic tab format, LyonPort offers you quick access to the most important account information. All customer details are shown as it is reported on your monthly accounts receivable file, so, searching and finding specific customers is fast.
  • All the Lyon Services that make us unique are pulled together in this 30-day revolving program: Daily News Events, Special Conditions, Collection Claims, Rating Changes, Bankruptcies, Stress Scores, LyonWatch and Credit Risk Analysis.
  • All the functionality of our website has been rolled into this program as well; ordering reports on customers, adding accounts to your watch list, viewing your collection claims and reviewing ALL history on EACH account.
  • The Dashboard Tab provides both graphical and tabular views of your accounts with a breakdown by Pay Ratings and by Credit Stress Scores.
  • The Reports Tab enables you to view your accounts in a specific way. For example, if you wish to know which of your customer accounts have a pay rating of 1 or 2 in the state of Texas, just plug in the details and click BUILD REPORT! For your convenience, the resulting data is exportable to excel in one simple step.
  • Think of this program as your daily notification on what happened with ALL your customer accounts within the last 24 hours. To benefit the most from this service, you should have an active account base of at least 750 active customers and submit a monthly accounts receivable file to Lyon
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"The new LyonPortal information system has been working great. Looking up account information has been a snap and cutting and pasting account numbers into our system is also so convenient, especially for me and my sometimes twisted fingers. All the information you could ask for is there and as current as it can get. For us at Global Views, where we continually re-evaluate credit history and current status it is the first step and nearly always the only step in confidently making credit decisions."

Tom Smith
Credit Manager

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Manage your active accounts with LyonWatch, our 12 month monitoring service. Adding your customers on-line is easy and you'll be notified in the event of these changes on business conditions:

  • Drop in pay rating
  • New financial statement
  • Rating suspension
  • New collection claim
  • Bankruptcy
  • News Highlight
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Customer Match Program

With the many consolidations in the industry and ever changing business conditions, many companies use Lyon to quickly cleanup or pre-qualify their accounts. Lyon will analyze your customer file and provide back an excel file with pertinent Credit Information appended. You can then use the file to purge out of business companies and target the best qualified accounts.  If you have a prospect list, this service will immediately identify those on the list that are legitimate businesses. Let Lyon qualify the leads, so that you and your sales staff can spend more time contacting the prospect and making the sale. Send Lyon a list and we will return it with the addition of:

  • The unique Lyon Number
  • Primary Business Type (Retail, Wholesale etc.)
  • Up to 3 Business Classifications (Furniture, Gift, Rugs etc.)
  • Special Ratings of 43,94 or 107
  • # of Active Trade References in the Last 6 months

We charge for "matched" names only on a per name basis with a low minimum fee.

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