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For more information and rates, please contact your regional sales manager @ (800)935-5966 or our Las Vegas Collection Office @ (866)873-5966 ext. 5070.


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Collection Program: Demand Collection
Soft Collection   A/R Management Letter
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This collection program is restricted to Lyon Mercantile Group Ltd. subscribers only.
It is understood there will be no collection charge on payment reported to Lyon within ten days from the date of the Prestige Letter. If not paid in full within the ten day period, Lyon is authorized to proceed further with the collection of the account or the unpaid balance in the event that a partial payment is received.
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Note: If no date is entered, the contingent fee will be 33.33%

Please enter the invoice information below (in order of the earliest invoice). If there are more than 10 invoices please fax the copies to our Las Vegas Office at (702) 838-6109. Or, after you click "Submit", you will have an option to attach an electronic copy of your claim backup (invoices, statements etc.).

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Note: By submitting this form, you are authorizing Lyon Collection Services, Inc., to pursue your claim in accordance to the specified collection program. You are also acknowledging that you are familiar with Lyon's Collection Fees and will pay the fee on claims that are collected. If you would like to view Lyon's Standard Contingent Collection Fees, click here.