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For more than 135 years Lyon has been an industry leader in Commercial Collections and Accounts Receivable Management across ALL business industries. Our long history, along with our vast experience, provides you with the confidence to trust our staff with your company's reputation and money. Our excellent credentials, combined with our customized collection and remittance programs, 24/7 internet access for viewing and submitting claims and low contingent fee structure empower you with the necessary tools to effectively manage and control your A/R needs.

Customer Service

At Lyon we know that partnering with our clients is about more than just recovering money. Lyon has created a customer support and communication system that is unmatched in the industry. Transparency and communication are at the center of how we interact with our clients. All collector and legal communication is easily viewable on our website along with the documents associated with each claim.

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Lyon's affiliation with the Commercial Collection Agencies of America

Lyon is a founding member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America (CCAofA). Our membership is contingent upon maintaining a high standard of professionalism in relations with our clients and debtors. The Code of Ethics outlines the stringent requirements necessary to maintain and receive the coveted Certificate of Compliance. Another requirement is that we are bonded and all funds collected are kept in a non-interest-bearing separate client trust account.

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Lyon's Investigation Division

Lyon performs a daily search of all public records including: bankruptcy, tax lien, judgment, and UCC filing information. Commercial Credit information and Credit Application Processing is available through our affiliate Lyon Credit Services. The credit information combined with our nearby skip-tracing system enables our Collection Department to locate most debtors quickly.

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Submitting and Viewing Account Placements

Lyon's website makes submitting claims easy and ensures that the information is accurate. You decide which collection program best suits your specific needs and select that option from the online menu. You have the option to submit all backup (i.e. invoices, letters, credit applications, etc...) at the time you place the claim or at a later date. The more information you can provide to us when you place the claim, the more effective Lyon can be when collecting on your behalf. Once you place a claim, all of the progress is transparent and visible. Communicating directly with our collectors or legal department is as easy as clicking on the link provided for each claim.

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What can you do to increase your rate of collection?

  1. 1. Place accounts early in the cycle. Once a debtor has gone more than 60 days beyond your payment terms, there is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The sooner that Lyon is brought in to help collect the debt, the greater your chance of recovering money. Placing the account early could spur the debtor to pay you before paying a different creditor. Also, placing with Lyon can have a direct impact on their credit rating and provides you leverage that most agencies cannot offer.

  2. 2. Provide as much information on the debtor and as much back up documentation as possible. The more information that we have at our fingertips, the more effectively Lyon can collect. Lyon maintains all documents electronically, and can provide copies of invoices and any other relevant documents to the debtor immediately. This significantly reduces stalling tactics and “run around time”. When you submit a claim provide Lyon with all the pertinent information:

    • Invoices
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Credit applications and personal guarantees
    • Copies of prior correspondence with the debtor
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