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Credit Professionals require timely, accurate Customer payment information and analysis. Lyon Credit Services works closely with Lyon members that submit their accounts receivable data monthly. Trade information is anonymously pooled by Lyon and is used in our credit reports in the determination of the Lyon Pay Rating, Lyon Stress Score, and Lyon recommendations. Your submissions are critically important, and result in you being able to obtain an even larger number of industry-specific Trade References back to assist you in making better Credit Decisions. If you can run an "A/R" report, then you have the ability to report this type of information to Lyon.

Benefits of participation

  • As soon as your file is received, we cross-reference your accounts with Lyon's entire database. We e-mail back to you a customized Risk Analysis Report, highlighting those customers that may need further credit review. Each month, any new customers are highlighted with an *.
  • By submitting an electronic, monthly file, Lyon will no longer need to contact you for trade references. Occasionally, we may call to verify information on special investigations.
  • Special Email Notifications are also sent when an important event occurs such as bankruptcy (if a credit report was ordered).
  • Custom Matches on marketing lists will omit your active accounts resulting in a targeted prospect list.
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The Risk Report includes the following items

  • Potential high risk accounts
  • Current news events
  • New financial statements received in the last 30 days
  • New collection claims received in the last 30 days
  • NSF checks placed in the last 30 days
  • The date that you last ordered a credit report on the company
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To begin participating today and receive your Risk Report (see sample), please consult our file specifications or contact us @ (800)935-5966. If you already submit this information to another agency, simply send us a copy and a file layout the first time.