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Connect with other credit professionals and exchange credit experience on mutual customers within the same industry. Today's Credit Professionals face more challenges than any other time in history. It is critical that they have access to timely and accurate information. In addition to the Lyon Credit Reports, Lyon hosts several Industry Credit Groups, a valuable and effective tool to manage risk.

Lyon Credit Services proudly acts as the Servicing Secretary to various industry credit groups and attends meetings to govern the groups and help ensure adherence to all anti-trust laws. Each group has their own bylaws and officers. Group members also have access to an attorney for general counsel questions. Prior to each meeting, Lyon prepares customer clearance reports for members, while maintaining the group's information database - accessible 24/7 on our website.

  • Site Groups meet monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi-yearly. Members have the opportunity to participate in informative round table discussions of customer accounts while engaging in educational and networking platforms.
  • Interchange Groups do not meet physically, but communicate in Lyon Credit Reports through identifying links. Members alert each other daily to serious credit issues such as Closings, NSF Checks, and Claims Placements. These alerts are emailed to members each morning. (Group members are required to submit a monthly receivable file. View File Specifications)

Our Internet-based system for reporting and viewing group information is password protected.

Current On-Site Groups

These groups meet to discuss recurring and new accounts. An interchange report of the reporting data is compiled for the meetings.

  • Furniture Credit Group (meets every other month)
  • International Textile Credit Clearing House Group (meets every other month)
  • Southern Yarn Credit Group (meets monthly)
  • Juvenile Products Credit Group (meets 2x’s a year)
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Current Virtual Groups:

Members are self-identified inside the credit reports with a member number. The member number can be clicked revealing the Company Name, Contact Person, Phone & Email Address for further communication.

  • Safari Club
  • Home Decor Group
  • Textile Apparel Group
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Interested in joining a group? Please call us @ (800) 272-4183.