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How It Works

The Process is easy to get: Cash Advances, Accounts Receivables Management & Collections, and a Credit Guarantee.

  • Contact us at 1.800.935.5966 or
  • Sign up for Lyon Spot Factoring
  • When your customer places an order, Request a Lyon Credit Pre-Approval online
  • Ship your merchandise
  • Invoice your Customer, including a sticker noting payment to be made directly to Lyon Capital
  • Submit your Invoice, Pre-Approval and Shipping Documents to Lyon for Factoring
  • For Funds-Advanced Factoring: Receive an immediate Cash Advance of 85% of invoice, less commission
  • Let Lyon make the phone calls, send monthly statements, and follow up on unpaid invoices
  • Receive the Balance Due to you from Lyon as soon as your Customer's Payment is received, or 90 days Past Due in the case of a Financial default.
  • See your business grow!