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The Lyon Advantage

Consider the many advantages of Lyon’s Spot Factoring Program:

Minimums: Most Factoring Agreements require you to meet a significant Minimum sales volume, or pay a penalty. Lyon Spot Factoring has No Minimums.

Commitment & Control: Traditional factoring agreements require you to factor ALL of your accounts receivables. Lyon Spot Factoring lets you choose which Accounts, and even which Invoices, you want to Factor. You continue to maintain full control over your business. Lyon has No Commitment and No Minimums.

Credit Guarantee: Lyon assumes the credit risk of a financial default. If your customer fails to pay for a factored invoice because of financial inability to do so, Lyon will assume the loss. Customer service issues and disputes are referred back to you for resolution.

Commission: Lyon’s base fee includes the advance of funds for up to 40 days (net 30 + 10 day grace period). The commission “FEE” quoted in a traditional factoring agreement does NOT include advancing funds. Instead, there is a separate, additional fee.

Account Approval: Lyon’s unique position as the industry leader in credit reporting allows us to approve more of your customer accounts for factoring. The depth of our credit knowledge allows you to ship to more customers under the protection of our credit guarantee.

Choice of Funds: Lyon’s Funds Advanced Factoring includes the Cash Advance, Accounts Receivables Management & Collections, and Credit Guarantee. For a reduced rate, Lyon’s Non-Funds-Advanced Factoring includes the Accounts Receivables Management & Collections, and Credit Guarantee.

When you Factor with Lyon, you can stay focused on your core business strengths, and leave the credit underwriting, collections, and guarantee of payment to Lyon.